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About Us

Welcome to Buck Creek, a family-owned and operated business where hunting is not just a pastime but an integral part of our lives. As hunters ourselves, we invite you to join us on a memorable hunt and witness our dedication to our prized herd.

At Buck Creek, our mission is to consistently deliver top-tier animals each season. We provide hunters with the opportunity to select their once-in-a-lifetime trophy. Experience family traditions and a deep-rooted passion for hunting when you choose Buck Creek.


Join us on a journey where dedication meets adventure.

Your pursuit of a remarkable trophy becomes a part of our shared legacy.


My name is Michael Connelly Jr.

"Your hunt doesn't just start when you arrive. We work diligently all spring and summer to ensure that every hunter is confident and is provided with the best chance possible to succeed. From checking cameras, making food plots, water holes, and placing stands. No one works harder for their hunters than us."

Michael Connelly Jr.

My name is Michael Connelly III

"Ever since I was a little boy, giant Whitetail Deer has been my passion. I remember watching hunting VCR tapes in my living room, wearing camouflage, and using a shirt hanger as my "bow." I would imagine myself on the hunt with guys like Jim Shockey or Michael Waddell, dreaming of the day when I could do it myself. That was it for me; from those days on, I was hooked. I would hunt with my grandpa and dad every chance I could, all the way through high school, chasing after every animal during a hunting season.

Now that I'm older, hunting has become my life. I'm in the woods every day, scouting, learning, and prepping for the next seasons for myself and our hunters. Join us on an adventure of a lifetime as we pursue trophy animals. The smile on a client's face is just as rewarding to me as if I were the one pulling the trigger, knowing everything it has taken to grow animals of that caliber constantly."

Michael Connelly III

Ready To Book?

At Buck Creek, we offer some of the world's largest whitetail deer in both our expansive fenced areas and in the wild free-range landscapes.


But our offerings don't stop there – we provide opportunities for exotics, turkeys, and Elk, ensuring a diverse and thrilling hunting experience.

Amidst your relaxing stay, prepare to be rewarded with a hunting adventure like none other.


At Buck Creek, we blend unmatched hospitality with the excitement of the chase, promising an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. See you soon for an unforgettable hunting escapade!

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