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Free Range Hunts

Hunt with Buck Creek Trophy Whitetails, encompassing 500+/- acres of stunning fair chase property, to embark on a  thrilling pursuit of monster Whitetails and Turkeys.


With additional leases in the surrounding area, we strategically position clients in low-pressure zones to optimize their hunting opportunities. Our diverse hunting methods include box stands, lock-ons, ground blinds, spot & stalk (Turkey's Only), and occasional climbers. Stands are strategically moved based on the wind, weather, and scouting data for each hunt, ensuring the highest chance for success.


At Buck Creek, we take pride in not only showcasing the great qualities of animals but also providing good quantities.


Book your adventure with us and elevate your hunting journey to new heights!

Whitetail Hunts

Free Range Whitetail Hunts are limited to 10 hunters per year. This limit helps us alleviate pressure on the deer and allows for maximum growth, enabling us to consistently produce mature bucks year after year.


Our process involves taking you to a stand and picking you up after the hunt concludes. It is essential to make a call or send a text AS SOON as a shot is made.

Only mature deer, deemed 4 years old and older with a minimum of 120”, may be harvested, unless your guide identifies a specific deer that we want to be taken. There is a $1,000 charge for deer harvested/wounded less than 130”. We provide trail camera pictures and supporting information for specific deer in the area, aiming to guide hunters to their target.


On free-range hunts, hunters have the option to harvest a doe instead of a buck, provided the doe weighs at least 100 pounds. Season dates for each of the 3 hunts we offer are listed alongside the respective hunts.

Deer Hunter

4-day/ 5 night Hunt




Meals and Lodging included

Kentucky Hunting License required before arrival


No guarantees or refunds on free-range hunts


$500 Non-Hunting Guest Fee


$1,000 Non-Refundable Deposit to Book

Deer Hunter 3

Archery Hunt
(Sep. 7th, 2024 - Jan. 20th, 2025)


Archery is a great method to harvest a mature KY whitetail. This hunt is generally conducted in Oak or Creek bottoms using lock-on, ladder, or climbing stands. We position ourselves on trails, crossings, and buck signs (scrapes/horn trees) during bow hunting. Occasionally, we may set up on a field edge if we have observed a big buck frequently using that area for feeding.

Your guide will have specific bucks in mind for hunting in the area. We strategically set up near bedding areas, aiming to capture your next trophy as it searches for food or engages in the early stages of pre-rut. This is an excellent opportunity to harvest a big buck looking to mark his territory or investigate does early in the season.

Velvet Archery Opening Week
(2024: Sep. 7th - 10th)


Kentucky is one of the only states in the US that provides an opportunity for a buck still in velvet.

This hunt is in high demand and generally sells out fast.

It is one of the best hunts to harvest a mature Kentucky buck because they are still in bachelor groups, easy to pattern, and come to food sources nightly.

Rifle Hunt
(2024: Nov. 9th - 24th)


The rifle season in KY lasts only 2 weeks statewide, allowing many of our bucks to reach their maximum potential, especially since not all hunters engage in bow hunting. This limited-time opportunity is highly popular due to its exclusivity. We only accommodate two groups of hunters for the rifle season.


During this hunt, we typically utilize box stands positioned over large food sources or deep valleys, offering hunters expansive visibility in areas known for abundant does. The rifle hunt takes place during the peak rut time, enhancing the chances of encountering mature bucks actively engaged in the rutting behavior.

Turkey Hunts

Free Range Turkey Hunts are limited to 5 hunters per year, with an additional slot for 1 youth hunter. Typically, our turkey hunts span the entire day. We employ various methods, including setting up and calling, using ground blinds, and, later in the season, spot and stalk with the use of a fan – all proven to be effective.


While this hunt may involve considerable walking, especially if you prefer not to blind hunt, we offer the flexibility of calling for you or placing you in areas with abundant bird activity where you can call yourself. The choice is yours, and with Eastern KY Turkeys, you're in for an exciting and enjoyable hunt! Additionally, during a regular season hunt, an extra bird can be harvested for an additional $750. A 2nd Turkey can be an additional $800.

Deer Hunter 2

2 day/3-night Hunt


Semi-Guided or Fully Guided


Meals and Lodging included

Kentucky Hunting License required before arrival


No guarantees or refunds on free-range hunts


$500 Non-Hunting Guest Fee


$500 Non-Refundable Deposit to Book

Deer Hunter 4

Youth Hunt
(2024: April 6th-7th)


We only accommodate one kid on this hunt per year. These birds are generally easier to harvest as they haven't been pressured since the previous season. This special hunt includes only one bird and is exclusively offered to kids under the age of 16.

An adult must be present for the hunt to take place.

Turkey Hunt
(2024: April 12th - 20th)

$1,200 - Semi or Fully Guided

This hunt is a fantastic opportunity for anyone seeking to harvest a Kentucky Eastern Wild Turkey. Turkey numbers are abundant in our area, and success rates are generally high, depending on the weather. After the first bird is killed, an additional bird can be harvested for $800. Please note that a wounded bird is counted as a kill.

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